How to make money with a website

Now you should have a domain, hosting, a fully designed and beauty website, with a lot of visitors?

Are you ready to start gaining something back for all the time (and money maybe?) you spend on your website?

The most common way to make money with your website is advertisements.
You see the ad's in the bottom of this website? Yep, they make me some money each time someone clicks them.

If you want to make money with your website too, there are 2 options I can recommend, first one is called
Google adsense tend to delete and bann accounts tho, as their system is a bit messy and google tend to easily believe you cheat and click your own ad's.

So if you want to monetize your website with ad's that ain't from google adsense I recommend:

Now there is a hell lot of other methods to make money with your website, or just on the internet general, but I won't tell you about all this, as this website, is meant as a guide to help other people to create websites.
But I will give you a link to the best website I know on the internet, that gives a lot of working methods on how to make an income from the internet, with or without a website.

Congratulations, you got a professional website now. No more steps.